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How to Perform a Side Plank Safely and Effectively

Yes, here are the detailed steps to do a Side Plank safely and effectively:

1. Position the Elbow: Place your elbow directly below your shoulder. This alignment is crucial to prevent strain on your shoulder joint.

2. Engage the Obliques: Brace your obliques by drawing your abs into the side body. This activation helps stabilise your core.

3. Leg Positioning:

- Beginner Option: Bend your bottom knee while keeping the top leg straight.

- Intermediate/Advanced Option: Press into both feet, either stacking them or placing one foot in front of the other for added stability.

4. Lift the Hips: Lift your hips off the mat, ensuring your body forms a straight line from your head to your feet or knees, depending on your chosen leg position.

5. Core Engagement: Draw your navel into your spine to maintain a strong core and prevent sagging.

6. Check Alignment: Once lifted, ensure your elbow is still directly below your shoulder to maintain proper support.

7. Breathing: Remember to breathe steadily throughout the exercise. Controlled breathing helps maintain stability and focus.

8. Hand Positioning:

- Beginner Option: Gently press your top hand into the mat for additional support.

- Intermediate Option: Place your top hand on your hip to challenge your balance.

9. Advanced Option: Follow the same steps, but with both feet on the ground. You can add variations like lifting the top leg or extending the top arm to increase the difficulty.

Following these steps will help ensure that you perform the Side Plank safely and effectively, targeting your core muscles while minimising the risk of injury.

View the video tutorial here on YouTube.

I hope you found this helpful.

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