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A place to feel safe, supported and understood with meditations ranging from 5-20 minutes. Covering topics from sleep, relaxation, discovering your life's purpose, birthing meditations & more. Insight Timer is where you'll find all of my meditations. 

Short Sleep Meditation

A 10-minute guided meditation to help you relax your physical body and slow down the busy mind. 

Within 10-minutes you'll be able to unwind from your day and if you're lucky enough you might be asleep before the meditation is finished.

00:00 / 10:05

A Guided Meditation to Help you Relax

Find yourself in a comfortable position (lying or seated).


I'll guide you to take some nice long breaths, helping to let go of any excess tension help in the body and the mind. 

00:00 / 11:12

Tune into Your Senses

Step outside at any time of day—morning, noon, or night.

For an immersive experience, consider using an external speaker or just one earpiece, allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings, tuning into all your senses.

00:00 / 15:17

A Journey to Discovering Your Souls Purpose

Now is the moment to embrace your life's true calling - embark on or persist in the journey to fulfill your soul's profound purpose. Take a moment to acknowledge your fears, and then bravely confront them. Understand that the path ahead may be challenging, yet the ultimate destination promises unparalleled fulfillment.

00:00 / 07:00

Where Do You See Yourself in the Future (Work/Business)

Let me guide you on a journey into your future. Experience 1,5 & 10 years into the future. Where do you see your job/business heading?

I will help you find your dreams and desires and imagine them as your reality. With pockets of silence to journal any ideas that come to mind during the meditation. 

00:00 / 12:22

Birthing Meditation During Labour

I crafted this meditation for my own use during the birth of our baby girl, and it proved to be incredibly empowering. Throughout the second stage of labor, I turned to this meditation repeatedly, finding strength in its words and guidance.

My hope is that it can empower you in a similar way.

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